About “Product Dude”

Always looking for new technology trends…if you’ve got em, I want to know about them.

Mark Robinson “Product Dude” is a seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur and executive with over two decades of experience in mobile applications, security, payment systems, analytics and advertising solutions. He was responsible for the successful product launches of the 1st GUI Browser, MMS client, FOTA system and WAP advertisement platform in the mobile space. Products have been deployed on over 1000 mobile device models, used by over 1.8 billion people worldwide and earned over $1 billion in cumulative revenue.

Mark founded and had successful exits with Mobile Clarity (2008) and Aspira Neworks (2011) and has held senior management and executive roles with Ricoh Corporation, A.G. Edwards, Kyocera Wireless, Openwave and Innovation Norway. In all, he has participated in 3 acquisitions, a merger and 2 companies listed on NASDAQ.  He has also managed $100 million dollar IP portfolios for a wide range of companies.

Mark currently holds numerous board positions, is a guest lecturer at several universities and associations, and is a business advisor for Innovation Norway.

At Innovation Norway, he is responsible for launching several business training programs, evaluating companies for investments and has been credited with dramatically improving Innovation Norway’s product offering to its clients. Mark is also responsible for advising and operating as an executive in residence for dozens of Innovation Norway funded companies.

To learn more about Mark, go to about.me/mark.robinson or Mark’s Linkedin profile.

Feel free to contact Mark “Product Dude” at productdude@outlook.com.


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