Sources of Data

Over the last decade, I have had a lot of lessons about the value of good data.  Some good…some not so good.  If you like good data, you should find this modest list very helpful. 


Geographic Data

GeoCommons:  GeoCommons is the public community of GeoIQ users who are building an open repository of data and maps for the world.

OpenStreetMap:  A free worldwide map with user populated content and data.  The data is free to download and use under its open license.

TIGER:  A free to use database provided by the US Census Bureau containing an extensive amount of population and geographic data.

Global Health Data

Global Health Facts:  Self run studies on global health.

World Health Organization:  As the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations, the organization maintains broad statistical studies on the state of health throughout the world.

OECO Statistics:  Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development maintains broad study data over a wide variety of topics.

Government and Politics

Census Bureau:  Maintains several databases that are used to inform policy decisions within the United States.  The data covers broad to specific population characteristics.  Maintains broad United States government data

Follow the Money:  An interesting database covering campaign contributions within the United States.

General Sources

DBpedia:  A crowd-sourced community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and make this information available on the Web.

Alexa:  This is a site tracking service owned by  It consists of a database that allows you to look up visit statistics for websites across the world.

Way Back Machine:  This site lets you look at websites over time.  You can choose a site and discover what it looked like a day, a week, a year or several years ago.


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